The vote of lunch

We get catered lunches at work.
They’re not chafing-dish and violin concerto affairs, mind you. They’re just restaurant entrees and sides in large serving trays in a breakroom that we get served buffet-style.
Often it’s just sandwich boxes with chips, but that beats having to go out into traffic and pick something up, or having to remember to pack something every morning.
There’s also a deli order menu for folks who don’t want the buffet.
If the deli order is large, it’s a vote of no-confidence in the caterer, and they eventually vanish off of the schedule.
Isn’t democracy grand?

One thought on “The vote of lunch”

  1. Democracy is grand, unless than your work for the government. Then your service is rewarded by a paycheck you can barely live on, hours that exceed the 40 hour work week, and benefits that have been squashed by your vote well over 20 years ago. Honestly, you get lunches? Yet still complain? Really? You, sir, are smarter than I am, I’ll give you that, but this corporate dreamworld you find yourself in is Sooooooooooooo far removed from most of our reality. And stop taking me so seriously.

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