Obama’s legacy

On the day that Obama told his United Nations Ambassador to abstain on a vote that declared The Temple and the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem to be illegally occupied by Jews, he held a menorah lighting at the White House.
The Hanukkah Miracle took place at The Temple.
The same Temple that he declared to be illegally occupied by Jews.
Either his advisers failed to tell him of the twisted irony of his actions, or they did, and he just ignored history and replaced it with his own deranged view of reality.
Smile for the cameras, you ugly hypocritical bastard.

One thought on “Obama’s legacy”

  1. The original version of this story used a common racial epithet (n-word) instead of the word “hypocritical” … then I tried another epithet (schwartzer) that was more ethnic in origin. I felt that the second word added some artistic value, but then tried a sterilized insult of hypocritical which is actually more descriptive of his behavior. Kept the third word.


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