Oh, Jesus (Aug 15 2005) ------------------------------------------------- "Barbaras! You're free!" The soldiers cut Jesus down. "But I'm not Barbaras," said Jesus. "Get lost, Barbaras," said the soldiers. "But... but...' "GO!" they shouted. Jesus ran for the hills. "I'm Barbaras!" shouted the thief from his cross. "Liar, Nazarene!" said a soldier, spearing him in the gut. "I guess they got us mixed up," Jesus mumbled, rubbing his aching palms. Jesus looked at his reflection in the pond. What a bloody mess. "The guys are never going to believe this one," he said. "It'll be as if... as if..." Jesus grinned. "I came back from the dead!" Laughter. ------------------------------------------------- © 2005-2017 Laurence Simon