Know Your

The sales manual says that you need to know your customer.
The Army manual says that you need to know your enemy.
What if your enemy and customer are the same person?
I mean, what if your customer wants to kill you?
Or your enemy wants to walk into your store to buy a toaster.
I hope you’d know that already.
Since you’re supposed to know your enemy and know your customer, right?
I suppose the most important thing is to know when your customer is not your enemy.
Otherwise, you’re going to look silly, attacking them with that toaster.

Gave a speech

The President went to Congress to give a speech.
When he walked into the room, the representatives from his party stood up and clapped, and the representatives from the opposing party sat silently.
Then, he gave the speech.
When he finished a sentence, the representatives from his party stood up and clapped, and the representatives from the opposing party sat silently.
After he finished the speech, the representatives from his party stood up and clapped, and the representatives from the opposing party sat silently.
As for the people watching at home, both of them were too drunk to care anymore.

A taste of death

Shakespeare says that a coward dies a thousand deaths, but the valiant taste death but once.
What does death taste like?
It could be like those Harry Potter jellybeans. Different flavors for everyone. Cherry and baked potato and peach and plastic wrap and…
But I doubt it.
If you die from drowning, your death tastes like water.
If you die from getting shot in the chest, your death tastes like blood.
Same as getting punched in the mouth.
If you fall on your face in the dirt to die, your death tastes like dirt.
And maybe vomit, if you’re unlucky.

Enjoy Eternity

God created the world, then he created animals and plants and then Adam and Eve.
“You may not eat from the Tree of Knowl- hey, where did it go?” said God.
Adam smiled and pulled out a park bench. “I made this with it.”
God scratched his beard. “Did you eat any of the fruit?”
“No,” said Adam. “Eve tried to get me to, but I tossed it in the river.”
God looked in his rulebook. “I guess that’s okay,” he said. “Oh well. Enjoy eternity.”
And Adam did. Right after he cut out Eve’s tongue with a sharp rock.


I use a treadmill to lose weight.
I lost 25 pounds.
And reached 245 pounds.
Four weeks ago, my sister-in-law came to visit.
And I was unable to use my treadmill in the morning.
Because she slept in that room.
She had a cold. I caught it.
I could not walk in the afternoon, either.
I am stuck at 245.
If a cashier says the price is two dollars and forty-five cents, I will stab him.
If a clock says that the time is two forty five, I will smash it.
AM or PM, I will smash it.
And walk.


Not everyone who listens to Marilyn Manson goes on a shooting spree like the Columbine kids, just as not everyone who sees a Lexus ad goes out and buys a Lexus.
But some people are impressionable, and do go out and buy Lexuses.
And some of them buy those Lexuses for their kids for their sixteenth birthday.
Those are the dangerous ones. Those are the ones we should fear.
Where were the parents, the pundits ask.
Out buying Lexuses. For their kids. For their sixteenth birthdays.
Arrest those parents. Arrest those kids.
Oh, and when you do, bring your guns.

Correct by Munsi

The Proper Way to Party
By Christopher Munroe

There’s no one, “Correct” way to party, and anyone telling you otherwise is lying…

If your idea of a party includes the show, after-party, hotel lobby and, when ‘round about four you gotta clear the lobby, take it to your room, then by god do that.

Similarly, if you’re having a party, a party for two, then enjoy the intimacy of your very private party.

The party bus isn’t about judgment, it’s about parties, however you define them, and however you define yours there’s room for you here.

And perhaps that, more than anything, is what we need right now…