You’ve seen all the commercials with The Most Interesting Man In The World.
But did you know that he’s married?
You couldn’t tell from the commercials.
That’s because she’s The Least Interesting Woman In The World.
And despite the fact that she is with her husband in the commercials, she is so uninteresting, the editors cut her out of the commercial, or digitally cover her with a potted plant or a keg of beer.
Her cheating lothario of a husband stays because she’s got all the money.
And why he does the commercials. Just a few more, and he’s free.

4 thoughts on “Interesting”

  1. Interesting irony that *today*, Dos Equis announced that they’re replacing the actor who does those commercials…

  2. Ruth beat me to the punch: I had a similar thought. I guess the guy earned enough money to leave. Hope there’s a lot of beer on that rocket to Mars.

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