The Thank Yous


The Thank Yous are an open and flexible way for fans to show their appreciation for their favorite performers, artists, creators, and active residents in Second Life.


Everybody is nominated. Congratulations, and good luck.


Because you do not have to choose between nominees in arbitrary categories, there is no actual voting process. If you insist on calling it voting, you can, but I will call it thanking.

You have an unlimited number of thanks. This way, you do not need to choose between one person or another. You are free to thank as many people as you wish to thank for their work.

  1. Open the profile of the person that you wish to thank for their work, talent, or inspiration.
  2. Read their profile to determine their preferred method of contact.
  3. Thank the person for their work, talent, or inspiration.
  4. Repeat Step 1.

NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to compose your message in an external text editor to ensure proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. However, all thanks are valid, regardless of quality or quantity.


There are no deadlines. You have as long as you need to let the person know how much you appreciate their work, talent, or inspiration.

(If you have any questions, you’re an idiot. How could this be any simpler?)

Q: What if the person I wish to thank doesn’t speak English and won’t understand “Thank you?”
A: Use Google Translate ( to translate your sentiments into the appropriate language. However, don’t be surprised if Google’s translation engine expresses sentiments that are not 100% identical to the ones that you intend.

Q: What if the person doesn’t wish to be thanked?
A: Then they can ignore your Thank Yous and get back to working, being talented, or inspiring.

Q: I have a lot of people to thank. Can you help me?
A: Yes. Close this window and get busy sending your Thank Yous. The less time you waste here, the more time you will have to thank people.

Q: Do I need to report the number of Thank Yous I receive and who I receive them from?
A: No, but the NSA will probably count them anyway.

Q: How do I know if I receive the most Thank Yous?
A: You’re kidding, right? Seriously, this isn’t about numbers. It’s about thanking people.

Q: I sent a Thank You to someone, and they asked me “Why?”
A: Oh, they’re just being humble. Proceed to Step 4.

Q: What if their IMs get capped?
A: Obviously, they have received a lot of Thank Yous. Well done!

Q: Who is sponsoring this Thank Yous event?
A: Nobody, because it doesn’t cost anything to participate in it.

Q: Is this event meant to raise awareness or funds for anything?
A: Yes, it is meant to raise awareness of the power of the Internet to connect people without the need for middlemen, brokers, sponsors, or advertisers.

Q: How many people are participating in the Thank Yous?
A: As many as who want to participate.

Q: Can I share this with others?
A: Yes, and thank you for doing that.

Q: Thank you.
A: That’s not a question, but you’re welcome. Proceed to Step 4.

Thank you,