Names Names – Eleventh Anniversary

Another cemetery walk, her and me.
The preacher said that it’s not the numbers on the stone that matter, but what we put into that dash.
I think he’s wrong about that dash. What matters is the name.
You get that name for only so long. As long as that dash, the preacher says.
But barring an incident or bad workmanship, the stone gets that name for longer than you do.
We walk along the path, reading names.
Getrude… Rosemary… Eunice…
“Betty?” I ask.
She thinks. “No,” she says.
We’ll take a different route tomorrow, unless her water breaks first.

One thought on “Names Names – Eleventh Anniversary”

  1. That was an especially good one. (Walking in an old cemetery generates a list of some really antiquated names!)

    Congrats on the eleven years. Quite an accomplishment, in addition to a sign of madness.

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