Weekly Challenge #1 – Bunnies


Welcome to the first Weekly Challenge, where I post a topic and then challenge you to come up with a 100 word story based on that topic.
The topic is: bunnies.
You have until midnight on Friday the 21st to email me your story.
It would be preferred that you attach your own recording of the story, but if I have the time I will record and include all of the contributed stories in a single collection, which will be posted next Saturday.
If this takes off and there’s a healthy amount of participation, I may go ahead with my plans to create 100 Words Or Les Nessman 2.0. (With weekly themes instead of daily themes to cut down on burnout and attrition.)
Good luck, and feel free to e-mail me with any questions you have.

Midnight came, and midnight went. Time’s up!
There were 11 stories this week. Go ahead and listen to the stories (click on the grammy-o-phone icon there on the left side of this entry) and vote for your favorite:

Who wrote the best story?
Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium
Tommy of Striving For Average
Borealis of Sunidesus
Jim Thompson of Making Movies
Elisson of Blog d’Elisson
Justin of Fat Elvis
Rahel Jaskow of Elms in the Yard
Beck of Incite
Jim Parkinson
The Mystery Man from Planet Z
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Thanks to everyone for sending in their stories, and I look forward to what you’ve got to write (and say) next week.