Weekly Challenge – Rick

A Walk In The Wood

I found it on the map and had to explore it. 400 acres of land right beside the very worst part of DC. Car parked and gone in my pocket I went in.

The forest was amazing .. two streams, a pond, a 10′ waterfall, 200 year old oak trees …

… and a homeless camp.

All of a sudden I was standing in it … surprisingly … They seemed happy to see me!

We shook hands, introduced ourselves, they offered Brandy, we drank and talked … Swapped life stories.

Lives not So different at all!

There but for the grace of God go I.

Value by Rick

We, as men, place to high a priority on all the wrong things when assessing the qualities of women. We see them as objects to possess, not as people. We give overly high priority to a beautiful face … a slender body … attractive hair. Scrub off that make-up … cut that hair down to about an inch long and you are basically looking at a skinny boy (albeit with boobs) …

Powder and paint make a gal what she ain’t!

The true value of a woman isn’t how she looks, but, how she makes you feel …

Feeling loved is everything in life!