Where The Wild Things Aren’t

The night Max wore his wolf suit
And made mischief of one kind or another
His mother called him WILD THING!
And Max said “I’ll eat you up!”
While sending Max to his room
His mother had a stroke and collapsed
Max stood there, confused
He tried to wake up his mother
But she didn’t move at all
So, Max picked up the telephone
And called the emergency number.
They arrived a few minutes later
Put his mother on a stretcher
Covered her with a sheet
And took her away.
Child Services picked up Max
He never wore costumes again

One thought on “Where The Wild Things Aren’t”

  1. Here is my response to this:

    Wild Thing

    My friend Cindy was adopted. She had the best bedroom of all, and I loved sleepovers at her house. It was a big bright room, with pink walls and white wainscotting. And in the center of the room was a white canopy bed. I always wanted a canopy bed! But my attic room was small, with sloped ceilings.
    Cindy hung her fancy straw hats and scarves on the bedposts.
    We sat at the foot of the bed and shared a joint, singing along to Black Sabbath.
    She hung the feathery roach clip on the headboard.
    Cindy was a wild thing.

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