Miyuki paints masterpieces.
She’s an art restorer. She touches up and fixes damaged paintings
She’s the best art restorer in the world, fixing everything: vandalism, neglect, smoke damage.
But it brings her no joy.
She wants to paint her own works. Instead of little bits of Renoir or Matisse, she wants to see a Miyuki in the gallery. A Miyuki exhibition.
Years of restoring others wore her down, and then… snap.
She painted over a Picasso, and…
It was beautiful. Magnificent. Her masterpiece.
And sent to another restorer to remove.
Someone stole a Rembrandt?
It’s Miyuki.
She needs more canvases.

3 thoughts on “Masterpieces”

  1. The first Miyuki is gone forever, carelessly restored to its original Picasso by an unfeeling, unthinking curator.

    But there are many photographs of Miyuki’s masterpiece, carried by every artist close to their heart.

    Miyuki’s penchant for painting over canvasses of the great masters caught on; curators in their dusty cubicles were unable to keep up with the hordes of artists breaking into their galleries to repaint the ancient works.

    Or the hordes crowding galleries to see the ever changing exhibitions as the art world, freed of the chains of the past, rediscovers itself.

    The art world will never be the same.

    1. A belated response, Crap and Bear.

      Dear Miyuki,

      Yes, trouble’s been brewing since the Wildernsteins. Authentificators! Piffle! Remember that Monet Seine banned from their prospectus? And now there’s talk of millions hidden from the Manet estate. Southeby’s, too, are complicit whores.

      Since you staged your ‘Occupy the Wall Street of Art’ demonstration, the rotten edifice is tumbling.

      Masterworks are getting a reality makeover. Give me Homer Simpson’s face on a Winslow Homer any day. If the art world is in deep shit, you its painter of naivety par excellence are snowballing your way through the universe, true to your name which still means ‘deep snow’ in Japanese.

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