Weekly Challenge #352 – Bird

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The topic this week was Bird.

And we’ve got stories by a lot of people:

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Cliff’s Cat


The last bird to leave was on schedule. We climbed aboard and flew out of the area. The water was rising, and rising fast. The old guy that lived nearby, built a very big, wooden ship, and he loaded his family and pets on it. As we flew over, we waved and gave him a shout with the bullhorn. We could see that the deck of the ship was already covered with animal crap, and his wife was busy cleaning and scrubbing, frantically. It would be a while until the water receded, but Noah was determined to ride it out.


The other kids called him a pin head, dweeb, and bird brain. Eddie was different. He kept to himself, and only communicated with a couple of other kids and his teachers. He could not communicate with most people because they couldn’t understand him, and he would launch into diatribes about things so intricate and multi-faceted, they would be puzzled and confused, so they gave up and walked away. Eddie went on to form a social media company that became an instant hit, owing to the use of free subscriptions and total anonymity, guaranteed in writing and backed with a bond.


The Church of the Gooey Death and Discount House of Worship had an ornate motto over the portico. Carved into the granite, the words: “May the blue bird of happiness crap in your birthday pie.” The parishioners, for the most part, were a group of acerbic hipsters. Their average age, 25. They were white-collar workers, and made good money. The came together to form the church so they could dodge taxes and have a quiet building where they could burn doobies before Sunday fixie rides and rollerblading. They gave themselves unusual monikers, and outdid each other with their church regalia.


He sat in the shade watching a bird patiently wait for someone to toss a fry out the window. The company takes thirty minutes for lunch, whether you use it or not. Unfortunately the two burgers, one soda, and most of a large order of fries was gone in about four minutes.

Inspiration struck!

For twenty minutes he tied french fries to a long piece of twine, tossed the fries to where the bird could see them, the bird repeatedly swooped in, grabbed them, and tried to fly away.

Sky Fishing!

Another attraction for the carnival of the easily amused!


BIRD is what my autralian friends say to a nice girl. And BIRD is as well a movie by client Eastwood about „The troubled life and career of the jazz musician, Charlie “Bird” Parker“. We all know the BIRDs in the garden but in Hamburg the BIRD is „New York style bar & kitchen“ Where they believe in serving the finest burgers and steaks possible by using all fresh … – no not BIRDs. The BIRD project aims to develop a fully functional dynamic IP Routing Daemon primarily targeted on Linux.

So BIRDs are all over with many different feathers


Cloud CocoLand

“Pawlenty” “Nope”

“Jindal” “OH please not again.”

“Ok Jeb” “Have you seen the daughter’s rap sheet?”

In a cigar smoke filled room a small circle of men fell silent. “What the fuck was Christie thinking?”

They checked the Q Board: Under 5% for the Senate, the Congress, the General staff, and the Right Media.

“What about Fortune 500?” All 9%ers.”

“So we might as well run a dancing bear.”

“Funny you should say that.”

We do have someone with a 99% Q, strong showing with women, liked across all ethnic and racial groups. On paper a promising candidate, Anger Bird Red.


Teacher’s Pet

When I was in the 3rd grade our teacher was moving to a new city. She sadly wasn’t able to take her pet with. She had a writing contest to see who would be their new caretakers. I wrote about my grandmother’s parakeet. How it would sit on her shoulder when she called. I wrote if I had a parakeet I would let them sit on my shoulder. “Take good care of Frank,” said my teacher handing me the cage. Not ownly did I teach him to sit on my shoulder I taught him how to peck open a Carotid artery.


Bird – by Chickory McMahon, Read by Derry McMahon

BIRD!!!! I want that bird, gimme that bird.

It is plump, there’s a lot of meat on that bird.

That bird would be delicious eaten raw, right here, right now.

Or that bird could be best grilled and lightly sauced, served on fine china.

I pace back and forth, watching the bird, waiting for the right position, the right trajectory.

I’ll need just the right angle to grab that bird. Ahh, there we go, I launch, I reach…

I slam into the picture window.

Alas, there will be no bird for me; only a can of processed cat food. Sigh.



He arrived one spring, my bird. It was his song I noticed. He wasn’t a cheepy, chirpy bird. His voice was melodic, beautiful, magical. Like an exotic scent it filled the air, sweeping me away to places warm and distant. While his lullaby crooned the sun to sleep I looked for my bird. I had to see him. But, safe in his leafy haven, he hid. He was shy. Then one wind-chilled dusk, daubed with coloured leaves, there was silence. My ears ached desperately with seeking but he’d gone. I still wonder what he looked like, my bird…


Civil Disobedience
by Jeffrey Fischer

We arranged to protest federal funding for the immensely profitable Sesame Street characters. As the tallest, I dressed as Big Bird. We also had an Oscar, a Bert – or Ernie, as I can’t keep them straight – and those two old opera dudes.

An old hippie wandered by, wearing a tattered Celtics #33 jersey. He said something about Sesame Street being “our street,” so Oscar yelled back, “Get a job, you birdbrain!” The hippie kept walking, flipping us the bird as he left.

After an hour, we went home. A little birdie told us the suits at PBS were parroting to the police the corporate line about trademark infringements and an arrest was imminent. I ditched the costume and walked off, free as… well, you know.



By Christopher Munroe

I want to make a movie.

Specifically, a Hitchcock movie from 1963.

I want to do a shot-for-shot remake of “The Birds”, set in the modern day, with a cast of contemporary actors, who will be forced to behave as though they were the actors in the original film.

The only difference will be the birds themselves, who will be computer-animated representations based on the popular video game Angry Birds.

The film will be in 3d.

Search your heart, you know this to be true. This is not a dumber idea than half the reboots that came out last year…


This Meeting is Called to Order

I am a bird, a pigeon to be specific, president of the Pigeon Anti-Defamation League, Long Beach Chapter, an organization created to fight for the rights of pigeons to do our thing unmolested, and not made fun of. We demand the same un-fettered access to public spaces that other critters have.

We also take issue with certain businesses who refuse us access, discriminating against Pigeons, and other birds, in their business model.
However, pigeons being pigeons, getting them to focus during a meeting can be difficult, especially if there is food around. Organizing a mass protest march is near impossible!


When they got to the gas station, Bert had an idea, and ideas do tend to be dangerous, especially coming from Bert.

“Let’s rob this joint.”

At first, the other ones laughed. They were just going for a ride.

Then Ian changed his mind and, in a matter of minutes, all agreed it was brilliant. Rob grabbed a stick from the crates lying about. Dave slid his cap backwards. They were ready. They walked in. They screamed, threatened, took the money. They got famous. Their name was fierce, BIRD.

Oh, they got famous alright… in jail, and it wasn’t pretty.


Much as I love technology, I’m not one to fall for the latest fad or the current trending app… I’m no spring chicken, and unlike the younger generation, who take to such things like a duck to water, I’m a bit of a goose at adapting to change.

Let’s talk turkey: I don’t understand Twitter and tweets, cannot play Angry Birds, and Phoenix Viewer just ruffles my feathers. Much as I’d like to spread my wings, it’s a chicken and egg situation, where my best efforts are a complete albatross.

My learning days are long gone… dead, as a dodo!


Mr Cinnamon

Mr. Cinnamon, with his bright yellow coat and sprinkles of brownish red fell off his perch at birth, then nursed back to health by a loving boy.
He was the strongest singer of the flock, with the most beautiful trill that soared through air. As day entered, he would burst into song to greet the day and his loving companion.

The boy’s heart and soul would take flight with the gift of song.

One morning, the boy found him at the bottom of the cage.
He and day break mourned the loss of his song, from a most precious bird.

Goose is cooked!

Pepe had a plan. He needed to buff up and decided to try that fad “bird diet”.
He would be the sexiest mutt in town in just 30 days!
Pablo’s destiny had changed! He happened on a goose that layed golden eggs!
Caging the priceless fowl, he went to pawn the first golden egg.

Pepe came home from the gym. Ma and Pops were madly searching the house.

“The goose, the goose is loose!” Pablo bellowed. “We need to find the goose!”
Pepe stealthily removed the white goose feather from the fur on his chin and joined the “search”


The urge impels me out onto the air, then up, up to the sky. I circle until it says, “this way!”, then on, on across the rocky desert. Lizards scurry below but I am not hunting them. The destination approaches, and I exult as the prey lights up in my vision, then diving down, down, until–

Thirty miles away a soldier shakily took his bionic helmet off and placed it in his lap. “You got him,” said his supervisor. “First time, right? You’ll get used to it.” He placed a finger to his lips and winked, “but it’s always good.”


We were working in the yard when I noticed an odd pile of feathers near some bushes. When the feathers moved, I realized that it wasn’t a pile. It was a hawk. He had been sitting there calmly watching us string Christmas lights around a tree. I decided to get as close as I could. The bird was staring into our side yard and as I looked around the corner, I saw a cat staring back at the hawk. Which was predator and which prey? I left them to work it out for themselves and I went back to decorating.


Stockholm Syndrome

He croons in my ear, soothing sounds late at night. I cluck my tongue back at him. We understand each other.

Sometimes, he is noisy, and I cover the cage with a blanket and put it in a closet out of sight and mind.

I may have forgotten him there for several days once or twice.

When I remember, I bring the cage out into the light. I change the seed cup, the water dish, and the paper lining.

After he has eaten, he flies out the open door to my shoulder.

He croons. I cluck. He forgives me.


Bird by RedGoddess

Monday is the worst working day! Lola is back to the daily grind at the hotel. Holiday festivities and romantic getaways with her lover are replaced by sore feet and demanding guests. She misses waking up to bird songs and sweet air instead of city traffic.

It’s time to reinvent herself, focus on paying down debts and aim her sights on a promotion. Work she can handle like a trained magician. But its not management, unless you are paid appropriately. No matter how hard she works, she knows it won’t protect her from disappointments. But she needs more from life.


Owen was stunned from his landing on the stone floor of the throne room. Cindy sat on the throne shaking her head and rolling her eyes. She spoke but might as well have been a bird chirping for all the noise from the agressive goblins.
The rest of the company took up defensive positions. Elbownor worked at the princess’s bonds while Owen cleared his head. He scrambled to join them on the dais. He turned to regard the snarling goblins who inched hesitantly forward.
The slavering goblins rushed, but with a whoosh, the companions found themselves in the tunnel above.

I was pretty hard to get along with as a child. I never had any friends, and even my imaginary friends would desert me after only a few visits. Eventually I got an imaginary wiener dog. We were like kindred spirits and Hurley remained with me until he died at the ripe old doggie age of 17.
He annoyed my mother when he began bringing presents home. A lizard, a bird, even a bunny, their necks broken and bodies left neatly on the living room floor.
Killing the neighbors rottwieler was too much. After that Hurley had to stay outside.


A Bird in the Bush
The road led to green ferns and bushfire-black gumtrees around the bend. Then, pinging like a submarine sonar began, or was it little goat bells about to break cover? Instinct put a rock in the boy’s hand. He threw straight into the heart of the tree. Freakishly, something yellow dropped to earth. Like a fetch-dog, he ran forward, kneeling with intense regret. A bellbird. Dead. His sudden tears could not bring this warm yellow fellow back to life. Powerless, he felt responsible, he felt the end of innocence and the shock of initiation into a new squawking avian life.

From then, birds flew pell-mell across his fate-path. They led him into the backyard aviary his father had built before deserting he and Mum one day. The boy stared at lovebirds kissing on their perch, while budgerigars and cockateels made friends with his head, and finches were orbiting satellites . Comforted, he crouched on his heels as they cracked seed, gargled water, preened, squabbled and warbled. He imitated their pecking-order behaviour and copied how they tucked themselves into feathery necks at sunset. During school, he preferred crouching down the back. Not surprisingly, this earned him the nickname of ‘Bird’.

Bird Years
Bird grew increasingly quiet in school. It worried his teachers. Neither did he mix with his peers, sitting apart. Instead of cheering for the school team, he stared at ground-zero sparrows, or followed uppity pigeons crash-landing on the telephone wires. Everywhere he went, he met and made friends with starlings, pigeons, magpies or mopokes. He sympathised with caged cocky and sclerotic parrot. He deepened his birds-eye view of things. Closing eye-lids, Bird wheeled with the gulls, soared with the sea-eagles, travelled through long-distance bird-vision to the other side of the cockatoo continent and beyond.

Mother Bird
She was deeply concerned about his low scores at school, his withdrawn manner with everyone and herself. She thought this was due to the desertion of her husband. She knew nothing about the death of the bellbird and his totemic bird world. She had not interfered, thinking that he was not out on the streets while out-back in the aviary. She even let him bring Braggers his favourite budgie into the house on his head or shoulder. But some change was needed, so she sent him to her parents for the holidays on the south-west coast near Perth, Western Australia.

The Colony
His grandparents were strangers he met for the first time. Pop had claw-fingers from POW years in German coal mines and ate honey, while Nanna had a clandestine relationship with the sherry cupboard. Bird saw, but was unmoved. The big reward of the trip was joining the returnee colony of magpies in the backyard. For years, Nanna had fed them meat-scraps They now numbered to 157. Remembering extinct Moa birds in New Zealand, he made his own feathered cloak and sat down warbling in bird bliss. Pop thought he was autistic, while Nanna was a bit bird-mad herself.

Birds and Girls
Puberty arrived. He grew into a wiry adolescent, but had little ambition to go on dates to the movies. Once, for a dare, brash Brenda from No 7 sat with him on the curb under the maple. The neighbourhood hid and watched. Her love-bird lips put salty wetness on his cheek as she took his hand to her breast, but he merely replied with coos and clicks, unstirred by her willing passion. Not one to give up, she said: “You are a real weirdo, Bird.”
But she secretly liked his shyness and was still willing to go all the way.

Bird left school and got a job at the cannery. It was bean season. Somehow the metal tins spinning down wire runners worked hypnotically on him and he turned his head sideways with birdlike puzzlement. He’d always been sensitive to sharp ringing, but had locked away the grail of all sounds — the bellbird’s call. One day he would have to answer to it.
Then, his mobile rang.
It was Brenda: “I am picking you up after your shift.”
Somehow, they had become close. She’d offload her troubles and every latest sexual adventure, her ups and down. He would listen without judgement.

The Tattooist
One-day, passing through the arcade, he heard a high-pitched whining coming from a shop. He went in. A tattooist was at work with his electric pencil drawing a dragon around a man’s kneecap. With sudden insight he knew what he had to do. When the dragon man was gone, Bird pointed to the picture in the catalogue of a tall feather with bits of fibre disintegrating as a tiny spiral of inky-black ravens. He pointed to his shoulder. ‘Take off your shirt.’’ Said the tattooist. He stencilled on the design and soon Bird had his first totemic tattoo.

The Transmogrification
He went weekends for over a year. Brenda, helped plan his full body avian transformation. Starting below, the tattooist drew ostrich claws and feathered thighs. His front torso gradually became swirls and spirals of finches, swallows, wagtails, doves, honey-eaters, owls and blue falcons. He had them interwoven around a plum-blossom branch, while on the centre of his back, the electric gun grew a large tree. At its core was the yellow bellbird half-hidden, with a galaxy of perching fowls around it. The sound of the tattoo gun was the closest he and Brenda got to a sexual thrill.

Bird Mates
“This one looks really lovely,” Brenda said lying naked on the bed next to him. She was simply more relaxed with a man without her clothes. It hardly mattered to Bird, but he had learned to snuggle and appreciate human warmth. Still, he barely talked. It didn’t mattered to Brenda. She nattered on enough for both of them. As a sign of her affection, she also wore a redbird tattoo on her back shoulder. She ran her finger lightly over the raw surface of his massive feather-shoulders design, completed an hour ago.
“Wow! With wings like these you could actually fly.”

The Call
The tattoo-work done, the inner pinging began. It led he and Brenda to lookouts and tall buildings. The call of the bellbird told him to find the highest pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, take off clothes and offer his bird-body to the wind.
“Bird!” she shouted. But she grabbed too late.
Like Icarus falling he entered the water clean as a blade between a ferry and a liner. His splash was insignificant compared to the churning of the big boats.
So ended the odd brief life of the boy who would be bird, the world none the wiser.


It feels like I grew up watching Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, but those guys played in my teens and twenties.

Still, I cheered for the Dream Team and the ruthless way by which they defeated their opponents.

And then there was the Nothing But Net series of commercials for McDonalds, where the two superstars challenged each other to increasingly difficult and absurd shots for a Big Mac and fries.

By the time one won, the burger and fries were not just cold, but likely a health hazard.

As if the greasy fast-food wasn’t a health hazard to begin with.

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    1. I like how people see things from different angles… and yet, hen they find the same schtick, there’s a subtle difference.


    1. I just slice and dice the cool stuff folks send… it would be nice if everybody recorded so I can just focus on yammering like a twit. ;)

      Have a good week, yourself, and think up a story about Tea to join us!


  1. Great group of stories this week, many with actual birds and the references were wonderful. Love this series

    1. … and some of the birds weren’t angry! :)

      I’ve had a lot of fun seeing what folks come up with every week, and I plan on keeping it going until I’m either dead, destitute, or disabled.

      Come on aboard!


  2. Very interesting – I am always amazed at the different uses for a single word – DETLEV – some new one for me.

    For the assignment I would have never thought of Larry Bird :-) I remember those commercials.

    great job all – look forward to TEA

    1. I love how folks take different interpretations and approaches… I prefer topics that have different meanings and uses instead of constricting the scope into a single phrase and hindering the creative process.

      I was toying with Shatoetry trying to write a bird piece, but just didn’t gel… went with Larry Bird because it was the first oddball match that came to mind.

      I look forward to tea too… drinking iced tea right now.


  3. It’s always a treat when Sunday rolls around and we get another selection of these gems. Civil Disobedience was the cleverest to my mind, but Sky Fishing made me smile the most. Guess I’m one of those easily amused.

    Great work all.

  4. Birds and Girls – the best one this time :)
    “You are a real weirdo, Bird.” – sometime ago I was willing to say the same to smb. :))

    1. I can’t remember where I got the idea for the challenge, but the 100 word story thing came from 100 Words or Les Nessman’s daily challenges, then migrated over to here.


  5. As always, an eclectic mix of the original and surreal. I like Ricki’s Sky Fishing idea and think that Munsi should go crowdfunding for the 2013 The Birds.

    1. I’d glad that Tammi came back and wasn’t a hit-and-run… good to have new and great folks a part of the challenge… how about you?


  6. Very impressive stories! The authors did an excellent job again this week. I hope to participate in one of these soon! :)

  7. As usual I liked the short stories, some more than others, some I liked a lot! My favorite was the one from the point of view of a cat! My cat does the same thing, he’s an indoor cat who gets excited when he sees birds out in the yard; He’s even tried jumping through a screen door to get at them! Thanks for providing creative expression and enjoyment for us!

    1. Piper the cat was a very aggressive chirper and chitterer. She loved chasing and leaping for critters. Bruwyn is a bit of a chitterer, but not much. And Myst is a silent and deadly hunter.

      Thanks for reading and commenting to let Derry know you liked her story… I hope everybody takes the time to let the authors know how much they enjoyed reading and listening.


    1. Well, maybe I can drop him an email to read the comments here if he isn’t already… it’s fun when people manage a narrative arc over multiple stories, yet keep each individual story coherent and stand-alone.


  8. OK .. here goes my impromptu ..
    I gave them the bird in the 3rd, there was no way to stray as I flew with rage.
    I may be a duck but I don’t give a …..
    I will not allow them to pluck my feathers
    A bird is a bird even in the 3rd
    So honour me, as I am THE bird
    Cheers and thanks

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