Weekly Challenge #204 – Gods


Welcome to the Weekly Challenge Number Two Hundred and Four, where I post a topic and then challenge you to come up with a 100 word story based on that topic.
The topic this week was… was…. um…
It’s Gods!

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You though the days of the gods at least gods with Small g were over but the internet has two of the strangest gods. There is this powerful god that is represented by a little blue bird. The nemesis god of the little blue bird is a giant falling whale who shows up when things don’t work. It may be Doug Adams’ falling whale but in this story is rescued by little orange birds with a big web net. They fight a god who was created to be helpful. The now evil Clippy. They also fight the evil Bonsai Buddy.


Looking into her eyes from his side of the glass. His last words to her were “I am sorry”; She needed to believe he had changed. His back to her now, his smirk telling a different story. He whispered to the guard, “sorry I was caught”. As they strapped him to the table, everyone prayed the phone would not ring for this animal; it never did. When he rose up in his next life, he was surrounded by not just one, but by all the Gods. Each ready to take turns at removing that smirk for little Sara’s Mother.


“And why, Mr….”
“Yes, Mr. Loki. Why do you think you’d be suitable for the Demigod position?”
“Well, I have plenty of deity experience from my last place of employment.”
“Yes, about that – it says here in your letter of recommendation that you were… a bit of a troublemaker?”
“Well, I pulled a couple practical jokes, but I wouldn’t call that making trouble…”
“Yes, I see. And do you have anything that would prevent you from starting as early as next week?”
“Only Ragnarok.”
“Okay, thank you very much for your time, Mr. Loki. We’ll be in touch.”


The aboriginals say the gods must be crazy, giving man so much
technology. I say the gods must be delusional, to give man these soft
squishy bodies that need so much maintenance. I dream of upgrading to an
anodized steel skin, resistant to exposure and punctures; I pine for
precision gears meshing quietly instead of painful creaking popping
joints; One day, I will do wind downs instead of sit ups to stay in
shape. Oh, to raise a pint of WD40, that unctuous amber liquid, instead
of this wretched gin.
“Bartender, pour me another, and you can skip the


We dream of immortality.
We lost it in a Garden, and sought it in a Fountain.
We look to find immortality in our children, hoping our children will
be as uncountable as the sand on a beach or the stars in the sky. We
seek immortality through art, music, books.
That will not happen. In three generations, our names will be
forgotten by our great-grandchildren, our works dust.
I teach my son my ideas. My thoughts become part of him. He will
share them throughout his life.
My ideas will spread through the world, and I will live forever.


We bring wood nymphs and sprites into our world with the fiscus in the lobby, and the banzai on the receptionist’s desk. The water nymphs bubble joyfully in the water cooler. Hermes keeps the Internet running, communicating at light speed via satellites. Thor admires the spark of his handiwork burning inside every car and truck on the road. Mars is gorging but hardly sated, while in the darkness Athena and Siva stir in Morphe’s slumber, ready to wake in a burst either of global awareness, or global destruction. Hey, monotheism may be easier, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right.


“Thank the Gods,” sighed Marc, as he narrowly avoided a small hole.
“Give it a rest, will you?” pleaded Geoff.
“What?” asked Marc.
“All that ‘By the Gods’, ‘Thank the Gods’, ‘Gods be praised’ rubbish,” Geoff snapped. “It’s nonsense, and ridiculously pretentious. You only started it after that ‘Ancient Mythologies in Modern Times’ class. You sound like an utter knob.”
Marc scowled as Geoff finished ranting. They continued walking down the street, but silently now. Behind Geoff’s back, Marc mumbled a curse by the Gods under his breath, and Geoff fell down an open manhole.
“I hate you,” Geoff groaned.

Norval Joe

Dale scooped two large hand-fulls of clay from the reclaim barrel and slapped it down on the plaster wedging tabel. He kneaded the sloppy ooze until it was firm and consistent. He crafted a small creature with bulging eyes, pointed ears and long fangs. He carefully placed the soft clay figure with others atop the ceramic kiln.
“What’re those,” one of hte new freshmen asked?
“They’re kiln gods,” Dale said. “They protect the firing.”
“You believe that,” the kid asked?
Dale scratched his beard, smiled, and winked.
Inside the kiln, flaming twins of those above crept around the baking pottery.

Planet Z

There is a god for everything.
For a while, when man created something new, one of the existing gods would claim it.
Sun and fire.
Water and rain.
However, man created so many new things, the gods added to their numbers to govern it all.
Sometimes, man would abolish or destroy something completely, and a god would no longer need to watch over it.
Gods without responsibility lost their power, becoming vulnerable and mortal.
They’d beg to share the caseloads from overwhelmed gods, but man doesn’t work that way.
Cast out of Olympus, naked and cold.
And forever seeking revenge.

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  1. As much as I wish I were, I am not a cat, so I consulted some cats on the topic of socialism. Socializing. I mean socializing. Although I never see cats picking up their own Fancy Feast. Hmm.
    I’d say if there’s a window with a view of a place birds can be fed, the cats will eventually get together. Or play the universally loved game of get the string with them. I grew up with cats who, when I think of them now, remind me of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, acting like they were going to smack the whiskers off each other all day, but sure enough every morning we’d catch them in bed together.
    Cats, much like the mythical gods of old (and the topic I didn’t submit a story for), will do what they want. Just pray they want to get along, and hide any thermo-nuclear devices.

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