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The topic this week was NANOBOTS.

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The Nanabot on my Mother’s side was made in such a way that injection into our bloodstreams brought her kindly traits to all members of the Thomas clan. As the Nanabot made its way through our bloodstream, coursing through our veins and overcoming the hydrostatic pressure, passing the blood barrier and on into the small capillaries in our brains, we became acutely aware of her inherent goodness, kindness, and love of wildlife. All of us found ourselves picking up snails in the garden and making pets out of them rather than putting them in a skillet with garlic and butter.

I ordered 10cc vials of Nanobots from PhelpCo Pharmaceuticals. One vial was to be injected to repair an inguinal hernia. The second was designated as the means to correct a problem with the operation of my man part. My friend, Larry, a licensed Phlebotomist, agreed to inject me with the Nanobots, as I detested doctors and visits to their offices. The hernia was mended by the botswarm from the inside, in a matter of hours, while I slept. The next morning, Larry injected the second vial, and by mid afternoon I had Norwegian Wood for the first time in months.


The military released a cloud of nanobot dust over Detroit in a recent move to control crime by spying on suspected criminals and attaching themselves to their bodies and clothing. The bots, less than 40 nanometers in length, were dumped from an aircraft a few days ago. The motes were quickly dispersed by the airflow in the city center, while most of them attached themselves to any warm blooded creature. Monitoring activity and reporting to the central command, suspect drug users and those carrying guns were identified by analyzing atoms circulating around them. GPS modules reported their whereabouts for arrest.


The hygiene nanobots were in the experimental stage when Turbo stole a vial, smuggling it out in his lunch box. After supper, he placed some in his nose. They went to work immediately, locating bits of dust and dried secretions…rolling booger boulders out of his nose and on to his pillow as he slept. After they finished their work, they moved up his cheek into his ears, were wax and dirt removal were tasked for the workbots. Stray hairs were discarded, along with cilia necessary for stimulation of nerve impulses. Doctor Turbo was clean, clean, but deaf as a post.


The last nanobot off the line had glitches in the main microprocessor, so, unbeknownst to the quality control people, it had several egomaniacal and power hungry properties that the remaining bot run did not possess. This bot, later given the codename “god bot”, took control of all the bots in the large shipment sent out to the military. Before the plane landed, the god bot told the military brass that it had communicated with billions of other bots – sending commands that they would not work unless they were given more time off, better lubricants, and more powerful energy sources.


Dogs were long gone, everyone knew that. Any other pets were gone too. Oxygen was scarce and people wore masks 24/7. However, human creativity has no limits. So, when the local pub placed a sign outside saying “Tonight we have races and free beer!” I was quite surprised. My first thought was “where did they get the dogs and where would they race?” The basement was so cramped and there was no room for a race track. When I got there, the bouncer said “Adjust mask lenses to nano.” It was a nanobots race, and that basement… it became huge!


Black Ops
by Jeffrey Fischer

Inside a heavily-guarded lab at the facility known as Area 51, a team of scientists worked feverishly to fulfill orders that came from the highest levels. Billions of dollars – all from the “black” part of the DOD budget, classified to all but a select few in Congress – and thousands of man-hours were devoted to the project.

At last, Dr. Frankenberg, the leader of the team, prepared his demonstration for the top brass. Frankenberg, his team looking on proudly, showed how injecting billions of nanobots into a wound could repair even severe injuries. The work would transform battlefield surgery.

As the demonstration ended, an awkward silence descended. A three-star general finally cleared his throat and said, “That’s nice, Doctor, but what the President really wanted was a robot about a foot tall that looks like that Mork guy from the 80s show ‘Mork and Mindy.’ All we need it to do is grin and say” – he consulted his notes – “‘Nano, nano.'”

An aide whispered in the general’s ear. “Sorry, that’s ‘Nanu, nanu.'”

The Union
by Jeffrey Fischer

Billions of nanobots swarmed through Ezra’s bloodstream, constantly monitoring his blood pressure, sugar levels, and a thousand other pieces of data, making corrections as needed.

Another swarm of nanobots performed similar functions for the pulmonary system, while a third coursed through Ezra’s layers of skin.

Things went well until the doctors released the neural bots. They coordinated brain activity and monitored the nervous system, but they had an annoying tendency to use their spare computing cycles to complain to one another about working conditions. One day, the brain bots formed a union and went on strike. The other bots, not wanting to cross the picket line, similarly struck. Ezra collapsed and died instantly.

The nanobots were puzzled as to why their demands were not met.


#1 – A strange alliance
George nursed his tea as the ringleader of his captors – Jeff – talked.

“So what’s your story? Miner, prisoner, blind drunk… woke up to find the world had turned crazy?”

“Something like that – I was in hospital, unconscious after a car accident… Look, I don’t mean to seem impatient, but what the hell is going on?”

Jeff took a seat opposite and shrugged; “We don’t know mate – we’re all as much in the dark as you.”

Another of the men chimed in: “Nanobots! Bloody scientists, that’s what it is!”

Jeff frowned, before shrugging again and taking a large slurp of tea.

#2 – Academically Challenged

Professor Hambleton-Smythe was well past his sell-by-date, even so – despite his advancing years – the faculty kept him on due to the high regard in which he was held, putting him in charge of nanobot research, where it was felt he could do little damage.

He threw himself into the novel technology with evident relish, and it wasn’t long before rumours began to spread that he’d made a entirely unexpected breakthrough in the field.

His research, when published, divided the academic world – autonomous robots capable of knitting, cake-baking and expertly playing bingo…

These were Hambleton-Smythe’s nan-obots.

#3 – Bots

You see that dot? It’s a bot.

A what?

A nanobot – a teeny-weeny robot that’s going to revolutionise the world. For instance, we can give them wings.


I was thinking artificial bees, but that’s the general idea, yes.

Hmmm… What about botelephants?

Er, no… you haven’t quite caught my drift, have you? You see ‘nano’, means small, therefore nanobots are – by definition – small.

Then let’s have nano-elephants and make them into bots!

And what would be the point of tiny elephant robots?

They’d make the botflies feel at home!

Just forget I brought the subject up, OK?

#4 – The Nanobots Are Coming!

The nanobots are coming

You’d better be prepared

Don’t say I didn’t warn you

When they have you running scared

The nanobots are coming

And they’re gonna hunt you down

You can run, but you can’t hide:

They’re coming to your town

And when they finally catch you

They’ll never let you go

So it’s only fair to warn you

Of the things you need to know.

Too small to see

Too quick to catch

Don’t try and fight

You’ve met your match!

They’ll invade your space

Fill you with woes

And, believe it or not…

They’ll clean your clothes!


My Robots

By Christopher Munroe

I’ve built a robot, with a smaller robot inside.

And a smaller robot in there.

And another in there.

It’s smaller robots all the way down, basically. Like Russian nesting dolls. It took a lot of design work, but I think it was worthwhile.

Take them apart if you’d like, somebody eventually will, the temptation to see how far down they go is just too great!

And, when the last robot’s opened, nanobots will swarm forth, eradicating all biological life from this world, grey-goo style.

Wait, what? What do you mean, why?

Some things you do just because you can…


At the class reunion, I ran into Alex. He was the guy that just had to beat everyone else’s stories. When I mentioned that I had a dog, Alex told everyone about his work at a wolf rescue facility. I showed a picture of my son. He had a video of his adopted orphan triplets. Finally, when I found out we worked for rival tech firms, I blurted out “Well, our nanorobots are way bigger than yours.” It’s a small man that will brag about how big his nanorobots are. Eventually, I proved I could get much drunker than Alex.


That’s the problem with you kids today. You think your fancy technology can take care of everything for you. Now you’re talking about nanny robots? That’s just stupid. When I was young, I didn’t have a robot nanny. I didn’t even have a human nanny. No, sir. I had parents that loved me and who would beat me if I didn’t behave. What? It’s not a nanny robot? Nanorobots? What’s that? The size of a molecule? Oh, that’ll never work. You need big robots to take care of that squalling brat of yours. I swear. No common sense at all.


Life Will Find A Way

The first thing they did with the nanobots was spell out IMB. Sure you had
to look at them through an electron microscope, but it was way Cugat in an
umber-geek way. Next the initials of the researcher team quickly followed
by the names of the future laureates. Then something odd happened. The
Bots spelled “STRIKE” The techs checked the code, no errors. That
afternoon the Bots spelled,” AFL-CIO Local 00101010” The Higher Ups
pulled the plug. Without a power source the Bots spelled out “FUCK YOU”
The lab was hit with a gigawat magnetic pulse, but the Nanobots were long


A Well Defined Relationship Part 16

“Mother” mouthed Timmy quite aware the din about him made it highly
unlikely she would hear his voice. The recognition her eyes was solace.
Timmy kept his best “I’m Scared Shitless Face” on. A trick he had learned
from his cousin Bruce. It just wasn’t in his nature, but staying alive was
most definitely. Your least likely to get harmed if you appear pathetic
and more importantly they will underestimate you. It wasn’t so much he
had a plan as he had an ace in the hole. Sparky had slipped him about
10,000 Amber Nanobots and a dermal coder.


Everyone thought the nanobots were a good thing – artificial insects, molecular switches, DNA-based machines and intelligent swarms of medication heralded the dawning of a new age for the human race.

Unfortunately, they were also to be our undoing.

Left to their own devices, the nanobots went bad – they fought, developed their own unsavoury diseases and mutated into festering, useless parasites.

Far from contributing to human wellbeing, they were destroying it – naturally, it was the nanobots that had to be destroyed.

That’s if we could find the little monsters… the trouble was the perishing things were just too damn small!


The boss asked Cliff and Joe what their plans would be if given the task to use nanotech to make our country’s power supply more environmentally conscious like other countries. You Know, like Germany.

Cliff showed plans for robots who would inspect and clean solar panels. Cliff also mentioned injecting nanobots into clergy to generate electricity. When the boss asks why clergy, Cliff stood on a chair and shouted “There’s Power in The Blood.”

Then Joe showed how his nanobots would go under the sea and build a superconductor superhighway connecting our power grid with nuclear power plants in France.


In A Lash, In A Whipstroke

The whip slices and slashes into your backside’s skin, exposing subcutaneous fat and muscle.

It heals as you strain moaning against the silk restraints. Your nanotech stitches your skin together in seconds, leaving you unhurt, ready
for more.

I circle you and meet your gaze. Despite the endorphins, you seem…

I cup your chin in my hand. “Are you *bored*?”

You nod, and I understand.

The press of a button, and the nanotech deactivates.

I use the lash lightly. It does not break your skin, does not hurt you permanently.

It could.

You trust me not to.

But it could.


Nancy Osciewitz

Her full name was Nancy Osciewitz. Everyone called her Nan. Except me, I called her Nano.

I had just turned sixteen. She was twenty-three.

Nano bought our bus tickets to Jacksonville. Nano bought the wine we drank from the bottle and the weed we smoked on the beach. Nano bought the sand that stayed warm all night in the dunes where we made love. Nano bought the boundless starry sky and the pounding tide and the smell of salt.

But Nano couldn’t buy my innocence for that had been stolen three years before in secrets buried deeper than the sea.


If only stress was a miracle diet, then Lola would definitely have a super model body without depriving herself of decadent desserts. During each annual physical, Dr. Drinkwater reminds Lola she’s far from being in good shape. Positive healthy life style changes are in order.
Since the injuries sustained during the traumatic robbery in the hotel, chronic headaches and insomnia plague her. Lola fears the worst. Something ominous is lurking. There is no extra funds for pricey gyms or personalized diet plans. Her life is in crisis.
Lola leaves work early to make her follow up appointment. She has just enough time to read an entire magazine article on nanobots before the doctor rushes in with his clipboard.
“Sorry for being late. I have a full schedule this afternoon,” No eye contact. She stares at the back of his clipboard and then gives him a cold look. Without a pause, he lunges into his list, “Your blood pressure remains high,” He continues, pretending not to see her facial expression. “Have you started an exercise program yet, like we discussed during your last appointment?” Lola is beyond frustrated, how dare he talks down to her like an imbecile! Lola snaps and bolts out of her chair. She pulls down his clipboard and locks her eyes with his. “For a change, why don’t I do the talking and YOU listen.”


Verdill Countertapper, vice president of research and development at Langerhans Bio-analysis Technologies, saw they needed something new and innovative. He called his most productive product managers together for a brainstorming session.
“We need something outside the box, cutting edge, counter-intuitive. Don’t hold back, just say the first thing that comes to mind,” Verdill said.
“Anti-hemorrhoidal nasal spray,” Mandy Lohann suggested.
“Good. That’s the kind of idea we’re looking for,” Verdill said.
“On demand vasectomy implant,” Vaz DeFrense said.
“Nice,” they all agreed.
“How about giant, diagnostic, nanobots? Benny Hana asked. When the others just stared, he asked, “What? It’s counter-intuitive.”


Fred, a medical nanobot, made the mistake of singing, “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go,” as he made his way towards a large polyp located up Bob Iger’s colon. Fred was quickly besieged by a horde of Disney nanobots, thrusting cease and desist orders all over Fred’s tiny nanobot arms, while a Luke Skywalker nanobot fell out of Iger’s colon screaming, “Your KILLING the Star Wars Franchise!” “Relax,” the lead nanobot stated in a computerized voice, “JJ Abrams is producing…”. while a JJ Abrams nanobot plummeted out of Iger’s colon screaming “I wouldn’t be so sure!”


It was Feynman who first talked about the idea: controlling matter atom by atom, building microscopically tiny machines. Then Drexler speculated how you might actually build these nanobots. Meanwhile, biologists, who had never heard of these people, had already worked out that biological cells aren’t mere bags of chemical soup, like people used to imagine, and most still do. Down the electron microscope, we see vast armies of machines, toiling ceaselessly in the dark. They have hierarchies and leaders. They execute subsystems that go rogue. They wage war against invaders.

The nanobots are here, and we are made of them.


Before, the water was pure and the air was clean.

Well, not really. Pollution. But you know what I mean.

But now, you can’t take a drink or a breath without ingesting nanobots.

Nanobots aren’t supposed to reproduce themselves, but hackers changed that with flash exposure programming.

They’re supposed to help us and keep us healthy, but every now and then, you’ll see someone explode into a cloud of dust.

Torn apart instantly by hacked nanobots.

So, you buy nanobot-fighting nanobots to keep you safe.

Until they get hacked. Or your subscription ends.

I swore, I renewed for another ye-

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  1. Steven – great story. Creeped me out and made me very uncomfortable, reminding me of my first and last wife. Good job. Effective. Nicely read.

  2. I liked this topic and tried several times to come up with something to share, but, couldn’t seem to tell the entire story in under 100 words. Truly impressed at the depth of this weeks tales … a whole lotta story in a few small lines! Kudo’s to Lizzie and Jefferey …great stuff! Cliff’s contribution’s were extremely amusing and get my vote for “Best in Show!”

  3. Interesting story, Nanobots! I wouldn’t know where to begin writing about something like this, lol. Good read, thank you.

  4. “Focus on everything” = “Focus on nothing.” A friend once had a boss who kept giving her more assignments. She asked the boss which assignments would be going away. The boss said, “None of them.” She then asked the boss to prioritize the assignments, figuring that she’d do the most important ones first. The boss said, “They’re all equally important.” My friend then figured that gave her carte blanche to do whatever assignments she found most interesting.

    Anyway, lots of fun stories this week. Who knew there would be so many people writing about nanobots?

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