Dan Bakerology

I had a hard time choosing a major in college, so I decided on Dan Bakerology.
That’s the study of me, Dan Baker.
I got straight A’s in it, too.
Graduated Magna Cum Laude.
Barely beat out my girlfriend, who was minoring in Dan Bakerology.
Well, ex-girlfriend. She dropped me, but didn’t drop the minor.
The campus police called it stalking.
She was allowed to graduate anyway.
For my masters thesis, I plan to turn in a mirror.
The big question is, how the hell do I get a job with this degree?
I knew I should have chosen Sociology.

3 thoughts on “Dan Bakerology”

  1. Lies! I read every story on this site not once but TWICE and I didn’t learn a damn thing about Dan Baker other than what I read in this story. It’s a cheat, I tells ya!

    1. I was offered the Dan Baker Chair at Standford, but turned it down, and left it that way.


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