Plan A – The Dozenaversary

A wise person once said that if Plan A does not succeed, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet.
Well, our alphabet. There’s a lot of other alphabets out there, so Plan Alpha and Plan Zhe are available.
There’s an infinite number of numbers, too. Although you may not want to go with Plan 9. Unless your plan involves space aliens raising zombies from the dead.
There’s also a rainbow of colors available. Plan Green, Plan Red. Even Plan X-Ray if you don’t limit yourself to the visible spectrum.
But by then, you should hire a professional wedding planner.

One thought on “Plan A – The Dozenaversary”

  1. Congrats on the Dozenaversary – you get to do less time for murder round these parts.

    Not sure what i admire most, your tenacity or your stubbornness! (Probably the latter).

    s. x

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