The Losing Of Glen Campbell

Losing someone so suddenly is hard.
Losing someone slowly, one memory at a time, is harder.
They’re still there.
The same face. The same smile.
The same voice.
Asking who you are.
Not knowing anymore.
Somewhere in there, they love you, you hope.
And they do. They just can’t say it sometimes.
The things they do, they test you.
And you try. And you try not to get angry.
It’s hard. But you have to remember for them.
What if… what if they…
What if they were gone.
It’s their suffering you want to end, not yours.
For them. Right?

One thought on “The Losing Of Glen Campbell”

  1. Really liked this one, perhaps because it hits so close to home. I watch my father struggling to care for my stepmother, and it’s just…tough. I wonder if I could do it. Nicely done, sir.

    Now I need to call dad to see how he’s doing.

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