Johnny Fuckyou

After every touchdown, the player raises a prayer to the sky.
And when a player is hurt, they all take a knee and bow their heads.
They do the same after every game.
Johnny Manziel was the cocky and brash young phenom who wanted to drink and party more than play the game.
Released by his team, dumped by his agent, and wanted by nobody.
Cast into the wilderness.
Where are all of these so-called brothers keepers now?
Why do they let their brother wallow in sin?
Maybe if he wasn’t a shitty quarterback, they’d do more than just pray.

One thought on “Johnny Fuckyou”

  1. Johnny should have taken a knee during the anthem to protest, uh, global warming or something. Then when he was cut he could have sued the league for collusion and been the brave face of Nike. Instead, he just went to the bar, got drunk, and faded into obscurity (or the CFL, which is the same thing).

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