The Moons

There are so many moons
The supermoon is large and bright, when it is closest to earth.
The micromoon is when it is furthest from earth.
The blood moon is red or orange, during a total lunar eclipse.
They’re all the same moon, right? Just different conditions and seasons.
Maybe. Maybe not.
I think they store all of the moons on the other side of the world.
And when the time is right, they release the right one.
Of course, that’s how they faked the moon landing. They were already on the moon when they released it into the sky.

One thought on “The Moons”

  1. How clever of “them”. Landing on the moon first, maybe already years in advance, and then when the time is just right and the damn soviets seem to be slightly ahead in the space race, *b00m* release the infamous ‘Man on the Moon’.
    “That’ll show ’em!”

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