Weekly Challenge #806 – PICK TWO Craft, Ceremoniously, Empty spaces, Clickbait, Disposal protocol, You saved my life, Level



Billbert blinked. “What? No! I’m not a pervert. But it is something personal, so we need to go where people can’t see us.”
“Okay. We’ll see,” Sabrina said gathering up her lunch trash. She carried it to a garbage can and ceremoniously dumped it as if following a prescribed disposal protocol. Billbert threw his away without any added flourish.
“Where do you want to go?” Sabrina asked. “There aren’t many empty spaces around the school at lunch time.
Fortunately, the day was overcast and chilly and most the students stayed in doors.
Billbert pointed. “Over by the locker room doors.”


She Couldn’t Believe What They Saw

Everyone knew the Watkins place was haunted. Unless you asked them. Awa decided to broach the subject at Evan and Flora’s slumber party. It escalated quickly:

“I double-dog dare you to sneak into the Watkins house with me.”

Evan would have refused if Flora hadn’t been there. Thus, the three of them found themselves sneaking into a house none of them wanted to be in.

They ceremoniously followed the rituals of investigating scary houses, opening doors one by one.

“This one’s empty, too,” Awa pouted. Evan and Flora looked to each other for reassurance – they could see something Awa couldn’t.


What Could Go Possible Wrong 006

Ford tucked the ball under his arm, made a wide turn to pass through the north gate. “So spill it Cervantes.” “Whatever do you mean Ford?” “Look around you, I don’t need to Level – up. If fact I’m not in play anymore. I’m not the guy. Just a dusty Don, chairing a dusty department. Point Set Match old friend.” Cervantes hailed a taxi. As the hack rolled up to the curb Arnesto lend in to Ford “You saved my life once, sir you have a unique skill set. Her royal presence is charging you to keep this sorry Spaniard alive.”


You’ll never know it, but you saved my life.

Your generosity and the miracles of medical science restored me to health and saved me from almost certain death.

Your heart, beats within my breast, your kidneys cleanse the poisons from my system, and your corneas gave me back my sight.

I grant you that it’s unusual to take the organs from a donor whilst they’re still living, but my needs were pressing.

And, as I gaze on the empty spaces where your organs used to lie, I smile.

“Cheer up, maybe we’ll find a donor to put you right too!”


You saved my life and then you followed the disposal protocol. “I must keep moving,” you said. And I knew you meant climbing that money ladder. You grabbed my hand to pull me out of that hole they had hidden me in. Those were the worst 5 days of my life, I thought. But… no. That was not true because the worst 5 days of my life were… now. You barked “No need to shower her.” And you pointed at me. I smiled at the thought that the kidnappers had been kinder than you and your petty little nauseous vengeance.


Rest in peace

We decided that the captain should be disposed of in a manner befitting his station and reflecting the esteem in which he was held.

Ivan, as usual, insisted we follow the rules and adhere to the Disposal Protocol, but he was outvoted – the captain merited better than being torpedoed from the craft in a tube.

We wrapped him in a white shroud, and watched through the portholes as his body drifted slowly from the airlock.

Before being sucked into a booster, instantly shredding his body, and destroying our only means of propulsion.

“Told you to follow the Protocol”, sighed Ivan.


Martin wrote “Disposal protocol for immortal beings” on a cover sheet, put it in the folder, and dropped it in his Out box.
The Agency didn’t use computers or email or other modern communication.
It used paper, pens, and files and folders stored in filing cabinets and warehouses.
“The Entity can manipulate electricity,” says The Director.
The underground factory produces lead-lined sarcophagi.
In which the captured subjects are sealed and buried.
With every delivery, Martin signs the intake forms.
Assigns storage locations.
100 units per storage area.
Which are then filled with concrete.
And the next storage location is opened.

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