Weekly Challenge #809 – DISINTEGRATION

Catnip break


Don’t sweat the small things

If there’s one thing we should have learned from Covid, it’s that the smallest things can lead to the breakdown of society and the disintegration of life as we know it.
I’m not talking about the virus…

If you really want to plunge humanity into panic-stricken despair, take away our toilet rolls!

If you want to provoke social unrest and civil disobedience, tell us to wear masks and stand two metres apart, tell us phone masts spread viruses and vaccines are really tracking chips.

If you want to break our will, make us stay at home.

I’d prefer the virus!


What Could Go Possible Wrong 009

Something about time travel tends to bring out the worst and best of a person. Both extremes flooded Fords brain as he pressed Cevante’s neck. Did he really want to take the time lord out. Sure, he thought, end this endless racing up and down the time line. But wait, Arnesto was his friend, he would give up his life for him. Bout this moment is when the 1st Time Lord to the Queen disintegrated in his hand. “Damn you, you call that Disintegration?” He pressed the stem of his pocket watch and the Taix disintegrated. But the Arms Traven


Before Billbert had a chance to smile smugly at Sabrina’s surprise, she locked her arms around his neck and screamed, “Put me down!”
He equally didn’t want anyone to notice the two of them twenty feet above the ground, or to die from strangulation. He quickly dropped them back to the ground.
“How could you do that to me?” Sabrina shouted at Billbert.
Confused, Billbert said, “It’s not like I froze you in a block of ice or shot you with a disintegration ray. We flew.”
Sabrina stumbled around like the ground shifted beneath her feet. “You don’t know me.”


As a species, we Humans had been resilient in all our forms over the many generations since we expanded beyond Earth: Native, Extraplanetary-Evo, GMO-Differentiated, Enviro-Adaptive, Hybridized, and so on. In the four-plus centuries that have passed since we started colonizing the galaxy, we had yet to meet an enemy that we hadn’t defeated or integrated with. Until we met the Cockroaches. Well, we called them that; they called themselves Kodefarian – as far as can be represented in our tongue. Whatever. When we encountered them, there was nothing we could do: their weapons induced entropy in whatever they hit – instant disintegration.


Landry’s plane was going Mach 2 when it completely disintegrated on him.
Fragments of the fuselage tore Laundry apart.
The fuel pods ignited into a massive fireball, incinerating the shredded pieces of Landry’s body.
A cloud of metal bits, bone shards, and ash rained down.
Investigators had nothing much to work with, most of the plane had turned to dust.
Was it the fuel? A manufacturing defect?
Some strange vibration or harmonic?
Nobody wanted to be the next guy to go up.
So the investigators marked it as a sunspot and closed the file, paying Landry’s widow a big settlement.

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