What was the name of the Wicked Witch?
Which one?
The West one was the one played by Margaret Hamilton, right?
They dropped the house on her sister from the East.
Well, they never said the name of the one from the West.
But The Wicked Witch of the East was named Ding Dong.
All those midgets sang “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” right?
The witch down the street is named Olivia.
She turns kids into frogs.
Especially those who throw buckets of water at her, or use the garden hose.
I once set off her lawn sprinklers.

Fight Club

The basement was full of men, standing around a man who recited a list of rules.
Arthur was in the back of the crowd, and his ears were ringing a bit, so he misheard the rules.
“What was that second rule?” Arthur asked another guy.
“Same as the first,” the man grunted.
Arthur was going to ask what the first rule was, but the guy looked angry.
He decided to ask someone else.
“Don’t talk about Fight Club, he said.
Uh oh, thought Arthur, clutching his dice bag. D&D Club must be tomorrow.
Tyler Durden made him eat the dice.