Weekly Challenge #805 – Heat of the moment

Blue eyes


What have you done? They put two and two together. They found out. You ran, hid, wore hats and dresses. Ridiculous. What for? What a waste of time. You should’ve run away. What have you done? Yes, you have killed them all, haven’t you? That’s what they’ll say. And here you were, so full of myself. You answered their questions, all of their questions, and you can’t even remember the answers anymore, you buffoon, thinking you could outsmart them all. What now? Now… Now you’re in deep shit. But you’ve escaped once and you’ll escape again. For how much longer?


Heat of the moment

I didn’t exactly have what you might call an exciting life. It’s really pretty mundane: Get up, shower, get dressed, go to work, watch TV in the evenings, followed by bed.

Then, one morning, I saw the ad: ‘Space settlers wanted’.

For some reason it caught my imagination, and frustrated by the bus to work being late for the third time in a week, in the heat of the moment, I dialled the number and applied.

My life hasn’t really changed at all.

I do exactly the same things as I did before, only twelve million miles away in space.


What Could Go Possible Wrong 005

Also not missing an opportunity to show off the underclassman spun the
ball up and popped in arch into Ford left hand. “Be a good chap Parker and
head down to the Arms and get us a table. The pone Parker back-fliped up
and took off at a run. “Thought we were head to the library?” inquired
Arnesto. “Because half MI6 will be listened in.” Cervantes start to
sheepishly humming a yet to be written Asia song. “Heat of the Moment,
last time I hear that I was the Dancing on a volcano.” “Just a trick of
the tale, Ford”


“Yes,” Billbert said standing up and looked around at the students in the cafeteria, all in their own worlds, unaware they had ostracized one of their fellow students. “I am willing to take a stand and get labeled a freak.”
However, as he took a deep breath to make his declaration, the heat of the moment suddenly cooled and he found he couldn’t get the words to come out of his mouth.
He sat back down. “Are you done with your lunch? There’s something I want to show you.”
Sabrina looked at him sideways. “You’re not a pervert, are you?”


Do you know just how many people suddenly snap, and end up killing someone in the heat of the moment?

An argument that veers out of control, a bad day at work, the proverbial ‘last straw’; and suddenly there’s a smoking gun in your hand, a bloodied knife on the floor or a toaster slowly fizzing in the bath.

And somebody, who until very recently, was very much alive, and now, isn’t.

Trouble is, the heat of the moment is so unpredictable.

I could never be accused of that.

Cold, calculating, and callous, maybe.

But hot headed and unpredictable?



Nathan can check the temperature on his watch and on his phone with multiple apps.
His computer’s browser has a weather bug in the status bar, and there’s an indicator in the information panel.
And there’s a sensor on the car’s dashboard.
And, yet, he relies on a simple thermometer he’s mounted to the rail of his front porch.
There’s something to be said about watching the red mercury go up and down… or is it colored alcohol in there?
Doesn’t matter.
As for rain, storms, hurricanes… if the thermometer is missing, well, the wind’s too much.
Better go inside.

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