Planet of

Over fifty years ago, The Planet of The Apes was released.
Audiences were stunned by the expressiveness of the actors in makeup.
They won some Oscars.
A few sequels came out, then a remake, and then some reboots with digitally-captured performers.
Before, rich people had the idea to keep apes as pets.
You know, like Michael Jackson. Or that Koko sign-language gorilla.
But after the movies came out, more people kept them as pets.
Until they overthrew humanity. And you maniacs, you blew it up!
Ape society took over, they made movies, and worked on The Planet of The Humans.

2 thoughts on “Planet of”

  1. This explains Reality TV so much.
    I was talking about these movies just the other day, the Statue of Liberty scene is still one of the greatest things ever. If that is a spoiler for someone, you need to do better at watching great movies :P

  2. “Ape society took over, they made movies”

    And that, dear friends, that’s no fiction! Have you seen some of the movies as of late? Observed global politics? We are already ruled by apes!

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