Skara Brae

It was 3 days ride from Skara Brae to the castle.
The town priest had soaked our horses’ shoes in holy water, and the weather stayed clear, no bandits crossed our path in the deep woods.
“They fear the red pennant,” said our tracker. “One does not steal from those who ride for the crown.”
The ghosts of the green swamp respect no banners, so we camped on the second night, waited for their wailing to end with the sun’s rise, and crossed the gloom on the third morning.
All was for naught.
The castle had burned to the ground.

One thought on “Skara Brae”

  1. I think the adventure was worth it, and that holy water thing for the horses, may need to get some because I am constantly stubbing my toes and nothing else seems to work :P
    thank you for the escape ♥

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