Gift to myself

One of the many downsides of living alone and off of the grid is that I don’t get any birthday or Christmas gifts.
If I make anything for myself, it may be something I want and need, but it isn’t a surprise.
So, I make something and wrap it, and then get really drunk so I forget that I made it.
The problem is, if I get too drunk, I rip open the wrapping and open the present early.
Or I get drunk while I’m making my gift and ruin the damn thing.
Maybe I’ll just stick to getting drunk.

Primary residence

Santa doesn’t live at the North Pole.
Oh, he claims that his primary residence is at the North Pole.
And his business is registered there.
You know, for tax purposes.
Just like the first President Bush claimed to live in Texas, even though he spent most of his time in Maine.
No, Santa doesn’t make any money.
At least, that’s what his accountant says.
And when the elves tried to unionize and demand better health benefits, he automated the workshop and threw them all out on the street.
Well, ice. There are no streets at the North Pole.
Just ice.

Dr. Odd Saved Christmas

Remember the year that Doctor Odd saved Christmas?
Of course you don’t. Because that’s how Doctor Odd saved Christmas.
He used a gigantic mind-control laser bounced off of the ball in Times Square to make everybody forget about 2016.
Then, after some paperwork, everyone assumed that 2017 was actually 2016.
Okay, so there were some issues with food and medicine expiring a year early.
And kids had freakishly sudden growth spurts. Especially babies.
As for what Doctor Odd saved Christmas from, nobody knows. He’s not telling.
Just keep staring at the ball, in case he has to save it again.

Colored Noses

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer wasn’t the only reindeer with an unusual nose.
Glen the Green-Nosed Reindeer had a nose that glowed blue.
And Bert the Brown-Nosed Reindeer was always sticking his nose up the other reindeer’s asses, asking if he could do favors for them.
Shub-Yggrath wasn’t a reindeer. He was one of The Old Ones, having fallen from space into the Arctic ice.
He didn’t have a nose. He was a mass of tentacles, fangs, and eyes.
He howled and breathed fire.
Rudolph and the other reindeer flew away from the burning carnage that used to be Santa’s Workshop.

The Regifting

The Smiths next door had a carbon monoxide leak.
Instead of waking up to Christmas and presents, they all died in their sleep.
The Fire Department took the kids’ presents down to the poor kids in the hospital.
But they didn’t know that little Bobby Smith liked to switch the cards and name tags around.
Instead of dolls and sweaters and a new computer, the kids got the lingerie, strap-on-dildos, and other nasty shit that Mr. and Mrs. Smith got for each other.
The nurses and orderlies quickly resolved that problem.
And had a special Christmas party of their own.

The invention of prayer

To prove how easy it is to get an assault rifle, reporters have been going to gun shops and purchasing AR-15s and ammunition.
The problem is, what do the reporters do with these rifles after they buy them?
Some turn them back in to the gun store for a refund. For others to buy.
Some turn them in to the police, who auction them off.
Some leave the gun in their closet. No child safety lock or gun safe.
So, their kids might come across the gun and… shoot themselves? Shoot others?
More proof how dangerous guns are, of course!

Reindeer to my heart

Santa’s been around for centuries, but his annual flight around the world is so exhausting, the reindeer only last for one trip.
Most of them die soon after they land back at the North Pole Workshop. Those that survive aren’t in any shape to fly again.
So, Santa and the elves celebrate their success with a venison feast.
The next day, they look through the breeding program to determine the best candidates for sleigh duty, and they train them.
Eight reindeer make the cut, and after a few dry runs, Santa’s ready.
He cracks his whip, and they are off!