The Wacky Adventures of Abraham Lincoln 2


Abraham rubbed the ointment on his thighs and calves for a week. Soon, he was his old, tall self again.
But not for long.
The trouble started when he began grazing a few chandeliers. Then, he’d bump his head on archways.
Finally, he had to duck to keep from braining himself on the ceiling.
“I have exchanged one Hell for another!” shouted Abraham on his high, stilt-like legs. “This is agony!”
“Yes, but they reach the ground now, right?” said Mary Todd.
Abraham sighed. At least he could scrape the butter-pats off of the ceiling that Tad kept flicking there

The Wacky Adventures of Abraham Lincoln 1


Abraham looked down and winced.
His legs dangled from the chair. He kicked and swung them, but they never reached the floor.
Abraham bit his fist and cried silently, his face a twisted mask of agony.
“Abraham!” yelled Mary Todd. “Come down here this instant!”
“My legs are not long enough to reach the ground!” yelled Abraham. “Nobody must see me this way! Tell the generals to all go home!”
“Abraham!” she shouted. “Oh, my sweet darling Abraham!”
He cried loudly, whimpering.
Mary Todd cried, too. She’d give every penny she had to see her Abraham’s bright, shining face again.



The voices are coming from inside your head, not the doll.
No, I don’t know why I can hear them, too. Yes, that’s very strange.
Maybe you’re mumbling the words like a ventriloquist. Can you bite down on this piece of rubber for a moment and we’ll just have a listen?
Okay, I still hear it. It’s talking about burning down the cornfields.
That’s a very pretty dress. Here’s something you can wear over it. Just put your arms in the sleeves and try to relax.
I’ll just hold the doll for a moment, okay?
This won’t hurt a bit.