The Adventures of Mustard Man – Chapter 19

The agency with the Mustard Man account wanted to try a new approach to their client’s product.
Instead of a picnic or ballpark emergency requiring the entrance of the superhero Mustard Man to save the day, they envisioned a Hansel And Gretel story.
Instead of the bread crumbs, though, they left a trail of Mustard Man Mustard to lead them all the way back home.
“It’s to highlight how much mustard there is in a Mustard Man Mustard bottle,” said the pitchman.
The public hated the commercial, sales dropped, and he lost the account.
Fire up the Mustard Man Signal!

One thought on “The Adventures of Mustard Man – Chapter 19”

  1. Hansel and Regrettel
    By Jeff Hite

    “I really think we should go back now.” Grettel said to her brother.
    “But if we go back now, you know mother is just going to throw us out again.”
    “I really wish we had not broken the milk jar.”
    “Well if you hadn’t started swinging the broom around.”
    “I know I know.”
    “Do you think we should have let the geese out when we left? I mean that did seem like a little bit over over kill, and besides they caused us to be lost.”
    “Look quit complaining Regrettel, and help me find a way out of this cook pot.”

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